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Derek Bridges

“Thanks to a sharp uptick in the company’s investment assets, State Farm still managed to post after-tax profits of $777 million. Too bad you can’t buy shares of State Farm — the insurance giant is owned by its policyholders. But you can purchase just about any kind of coverage from them. And thanks to its burgeoning financial operations, consumers can now borrow money and buy an assortment of mutual funds as well.”

Jimmy Gabacho

According to Faber’s court testimony in 1823, after the death of her husband, Enriqueta Faber disguised herself as a man and enrolled in medical school in post-revolutionary France. After receiving a degree in modern surgery, Enrique Faber was drafted into the Napoleonic army to serve in the medical corps in Eastern Europe and Spain. After Napoleon’s defeat, Faber immigrated to the French colony of Guadalupe and, later under the name of Enrique, sought his fortune on the island of Cuba. Shortly after his arrival on the island, Faber was not only baptized in the Roman Catholic Church, but he also married a Cuban woman named Juana de León.


Derek Bridges

We were supposed to have a garage sale on Sunday, August 28, 2005.   We had recently moved into a house we bought in Central City and had cleaned out our old Broadmoor apartment and planned to sell the odds and ends that didn’t make it to our new home.  It was to be the final hurrah of our move.  Suffice to say we evacuated the night before and the garage sale never happened.  I didn’t get back into town for another three weeks, but there on the second floor of our old apartment’s stoop was our last Times-Picayune, still in the plastic and dry.  I tossed the paper in the car and drove back to Houston.  I finally pulled that newspaper out of its plastic bag this weekend.