S – super strong (for her age), spectacular (cat), special, soulful, spiritual, sweet

A – awesome, active, arthritic, able (to jump on the loveseat), affectionate

D – daring, delightful, droopy (when we picked her up), distinctive (markings), deaf

I – interesting, intelligent, igloo-like (she was always cold), individual (no one like her)

E – easy-going, excellent (cat), exciting (to see her every time I came home)

My cat Sadie who would have been 20 years old in May is no longer with us in a way we can touch. She left last Sunday, January 20, and I miss her. I keep having moments where I really want to pick her up. She was an awesome cat. Cats rule!

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Sophia is an artist. She designs books and handfans. And she rides her bike really fast with no training wheels.

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