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Gabacho– according to the Dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy– is derived from an old Provençal word “gavach,” meaning a person from the foothills of the Pyrenees who spoke incorrectly. These days, it means “outsider,” somebody who just doesn’t fit in.

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Jimmy Gabacho
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Photo credit: Paul Townsend Editor’s note: Go here to read parts I-III. By 1980 I had learned to cope with my PTSD and didn’t need the alcohol crutch anymore. I still had anger issues and did some pretty crazy things mostly because I didn’t fear death….

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I was busy over the holidays getting classes ready for the spring semester. I revised my notes, rewrote exams and prepared the syllabi. After I found out that the textbook cost 125 dollars, I tracked down each reading on the internet and created a virtual…

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After this experience, I have to say that I am glad not to be on the market these days. When I was on the other side of the table, I wondered if the committee called candidates just to laugh at our desperation. I’ve since lost count of how many jobs I applied for, but I do recall the recurring question that often comes to me in dreams: “Why would you like to work at our university?” The obvious answer was “because I need a job!”

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Up to this point I haven’t written much of anything about the hotel where we were staying. Punta Mita sits at the tip of a peninsula north of Puerto Vallarta in Nayarit. This stretch of land is pretty isolated. The advantages are that the guests can avoid the tequila-addled tourists found in the larger cities and enjoy some peace and quiet. The disadvantage is …