Timing is everything, which is why former president George W. Bush waited until after the election to release his memoir Decision Points and make the usual appointed rounds along the book tour. Still sticking to his guns, his interview by Matt Lauer for NBC shows the ex-president as out of touch as ever — particularly when addressing comments by Kanye West saying he didn’t care about black people broadcast live during an aid telethon following Hurricane Katrina.

Say what you will about the ex-president and his inability to win a war, but he always knew how to win an election and the GOP is awfully pleased with the timing of the book release.

In the wake of the latest media blitz, I came across the blog post Progress and the Shifting of Sand by Brian Leli, courtesy of Gapers Block, about Bush linking his worst moment as president to Kanye’s comments (as opposed to, oh, the actual failure of his administration following the hurricane, or the thousands of soldiers he sent to their deaths to avenge Poppy’s missed opportunity in Iraq in 1991).

Chuck D and Henry Rollins walk into a room. They sit down across from each other on two oversized chairs. Rollins as the host of the Independent Film Channel’s The Henry Rollins Show, D as his guest. It is early 2006—six months after Hurricane Katrina annihilated New Orleans, Louisiana.

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