[Photo credit: Chris Tamm]

have you been injured by
one simple phone call?

just three easy payments
brings immediate relief

falling in love is easy
with this amazing non-stick coating

scars and age spots disappear
that embarrassing acne: gone

stop those creditor calls
with this versatile knife

its razor sharp edge guaranteed
for a limited time only

with this complete set of cookware
I once weighed over 300 pounds

get a full three-month supply of
the body you always wanted

you will look years younger
not 39.95 not 29.95 but 19.95

these amazing lenses reveal
no unsightly lines or bulges

if you suffered injury or death you may be entitled
to this revitalizing secret of the orient

get the body you always wanted
no one will be turned down

this incredible offer
is fully retractable

not available in any store
void where prohibited

not just one not two but three
operators are standing by

it won’t last long at this price
it could change your life forever

call now.

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Mark Folse

Mark Folse published the Wet Bank Guide Katrina blog and the book Carry Me Home, a Journey Back to New Orleans on his move home to New Orleans after the Federal Flood. Mark is co-editor of A Howling in the Wires (2010) and a partner in Gallatin and Toulouse Press. He currently blogs on literary topics and “Odd Bits of Life in New Orleans” at ToulouseStreet.net. “There is no more powerful narrative of a place and its people since the Israelites left Egypt than the story of post-diluvian New Orleans and the hurricane coast.”

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