Rebecca Fox
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Storage Heroes Tip #1: Don’t ever underestimate a good business contact.

In our business, it’s easy to think of ourselves as buyers, or as salesmen, which we are- but it’s pretty difficult to think of ourselves as personalities. Thank goodness for Brian as a business partner though, because I’ve quickly learned that you can’t buy or sell without a personality. A personality yields contacts, and contacts yield business. It all relates.

How many times have we gone into a store where the sales clerk treated us as if we didn’t exist? We’ve all had that “Pretty Woman” moment. We’ve also had the experience where the sales person would not let us leave the store without talking our head off or trying to force us to buy something. Whether it worked or didn’t work, it likely made us pretty uncomfortable. How many times though, have you walked into a store and had the salesman ask you how your day was? Inquire about pictures of your children? Actually care about your personal life?

Rebecca Fox
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First, I’ll start off by warning you that in this post I’ll be detailing the contents of one of the most risque units we’ve ever purchased. If you’re easily offended, you want to stop reading now. If you’re at work or somewhere that a small child may wander up beside you and wonder what something is, you may want to stop reading now. If you’re offended by nudity or sex, you definitely want to stop reading now. If none of these things apply to you, keep reading! Some of the more explicit pictures I’ve linked so that you have to click to them.