Even Michael Homan acknowledges Chris Owens is apparently a friendly and likable person. She is a New Orleans institution to be honored. Long live Chris Owens! We can all drink to that.

So Homan started a lively debate about Owens’ unique appeal. One of the many voices who dissented from Homan’s point of view was Skull Club member Lord David, Pirate & Artist. They sniped back and forth. Homan took Lord David’s bait when he wrote:

Then my former nemesis Adrastos got his gyro-smelling panties all bunched up, and then et tu Brute Luvzus fell in line like a lemming. But my favorite comes from HumidCity, but not so much the “We Love Chris Owens” post by BigezBear, but the comment from my newest latest nemesis named “Lord David the Pirate Artist.” He concludes I don’t like Chris Owens because I am a prude and should live in Branson Missouri. But I was mostly interested in that he signs his name as follows:
Lord David
Pirate & Artist
Skull Club
New Orleans

Homan continued along this vein, finally disparaging the good–no, bad name of the Skull Club. I won’t paste his humorous doodlings here. Suffice to say he showed a certain relentlessness with regard to the most pirate part of Lord David.

Now, I’m afraid, it’s become a “blog war.” Lord David has Homan pegged as a prudish Bible Studies professor who enjoys being scandalized by all that makes New Orleans unique:

Since Michael is a Bible Scholar, and teaches Bible Studies, that rather limits who would be able to walk around anywhere, nevermind the French Quarter. I took an opposing point if view, saying, “if don’t wanna see, don’t look”.

Or something like that.

And Lord David has unloaded the motherfuckingboldface:

This newest Face Of Evil in the long line who have disrespected Skull Club, often in the name of the Bible, usually out of jealousy and fear, is blogger mediocre, Michael Homan, Cult Fascist.

The Skull Club, like Texas, is not to be messed with. Indeed, promotions come fast in wartime. Lord David is now:

Lord David Insane Revolutionary

And all Skull Club members have been summoned to defend

an aging stripper’s right to dance

Maybe Loki will arrange a sitdown at the Skull Club (Homan has already agreed to be cloroformed, a crucial concession). I’m hopeful a settlement can be reached. Rumor has it Homan is living as an itinerant preacher somewhere on the West Bank.