There’s a battle raging over Michael Homan’s comments regarding Chris Owens. First he wrote an open letter to her, starting with:

I saw you perform at the French Quarter Festival. Please stop. It makes me want to stop being a heterosexual.

Adrastos called Homan an

ageist-sexist basher

Howie Luvzus then labeled Homan

a damn Yankee

Next, Bigezbear at Humid City shared a heartwarming story of being swept up by the charms of Ms. Owens:

Chris Owens’ real gift is for entertaining people in a way that empowers them to entertain themselves. Some years back, when I was younger and knew so much more than I do today, I looked down on her as a joke. Then this one time, my older brother and his wife came to town to visit and spontaneously dragged me into her joint on Bourbon Street. Oh, how I tried to maintain my dignity, but I didn’t stand a chance. I didn’t have what it takes to resist her. By the time she pulled my brother onstage with her to sing a duet, I was laughing, clapping, and jiggin’ in my chair.

Homan followed up by making fun of a commenter at Humid City called “Lord David, Pirate & Artist” who is affiliated with the Skull Club:

Check out the link to skull club. There most of the website leads you to dead links, as it is hard to design websites when you have a hook instead of fingers. But check out the About Skull Club link. It’s a “secret” club of Lord David the Pirate Artist, and they meet in secret, and did I say it’s SECRET? It’s like Fight Club, so they have a rule that if you talk about Skull Club, you will be killed. So why then does Lord David the Pirate put it on the web, and will I have to walk the plank for this post? That would a cool way to die, as I have always thought one day I’d be run over by a Walmart truck in cruel irony. Anyway, skull club has a merchandise link, but it doesn’t work. I’m hoping they sell paintings from Lord David the Pirate Artist, though it would be difficult to paint with a hook, and all the canvases are covered with parrot shit and smell like cheap rum. Yarrrrrrrggggghhhhhhh!


Lord David had written:

Judging by the crowd in the photographs [Homan] posted, I suggest the Professor stay home (and help Gilligan fix the boat?) and let everyone else be entertained as they see fit.

Ouch. All very entertaining.

But back to Ms. Owens. Here’s a picture I posted of her (at a higher resolution) on my flickr page during Mardi Gras:

Interestingly, the flickr comments (most are by locals, btw) strongly support the position taken by Homan against Lord David, Adrastos, Howie, et al.:

Man, that’s just wicked looking!!!

egads! Is she human?

It’s Chris Owens wearing a Chris Owens mask.

she is so beautiful, with a sense of style to match. congrats to her.

That is so weird!She looks like she’s a mannequin!

i was so entranced i almost forgot to take some pictures of her

Yikes! I thought it was the Blaine Kern version.

I, of course, agree with everyone.

Update: It’s hard to stay ahead of this story. Homan has now joined the Skull Crew, attended a meeting at a secret BK on Carrollton Ave. with none other than Lord David the Pirate Artist, Adrastos, Howie Luvzus, and some guy named Blade. Secret votes were cast, meeting minutes posted. And check out the comment war at the post that started the dust-up.

Update II: Homan apologizes to Chris Owens for his previous posts and wants to hang out with her during Mardi Gras on her French Quarter balcony.