Grati Baroni being interviewed by Andre Gervais (translated by Sarah Skinner Gilborne):

And I remember that [Marcel Duchamp] told me that one day when he was forty or forty-one, when he was in New York and very much in love, he was in front of a profound hole in the street that was being repaired; he was drunk and, upon seeing this hole, in one fell swoop he sobered up, for good!**

** This actually took place when Duchamp was thirty-nine: from October 20, 1926 to February 26, 1927 he was in the United States to put together two Brancusi exhibitions, one at the Joseph Brummer Gallery in New York (November 17 – December 15, 1926) and the other at the Arts Club of Chicago (January 4 – 22, 1927). The woman could well be Alice Roullier of the Arts Club.

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