Via TPM (AP):

Speaking to radio station WJZD-FM in Gulfport, Miss., the former first lady said the comments she made about the state in the run up to the Iowa caucuses “were not exactly what I said,” even though they came directly from an interview she gave to the Des Moines Register in October. “What I said is …”

If this is the case, why didn’t Hillary clarify the record back in October when she made the initial comments? Oh, that’s right, she thought it was all going to be over Super Tuesday (the first one). Besides, it was just Mississippi she slighted, one of those “small” Red states with a large African American population. Until the Des Moines Register says otherwise, Hillary has now moved beyond disparaging the people of Mississippi to outright lying to them.

Here’s what she actually said about MS:

“How can Iowa be ranked with Mississippi?” she asked, siding with the Hawkeye State. “That’s not the quality. That’s not the communitarianism, that’s not the openness I see in Iowa.”

Given her years in Arkansas I’m inclined to cut her slack. All the Deep South states talk like that about each other. So maybe she had a valid point to make–or at least an arguable point, one I might even agree with. I’ve surely said worse, having once lived in Mississippi. But instead of saying she misspoke or didn’t mean what she said, she’s saying she didn’t say it. What’s with that? Has she now misspoken about misspeaking? Or is she lying about a regrettably uttered truth?

I say own it.  Be a fucking leader.