Let it snow

Holiday greetings to all y’all. And don’t you look beautiful today.

I apologize for being shameless, but my band is playing Tuesday, Dec. 28 in Chicago at Subterranean (http://www.subt.net) with Young Jesus. Any Chicago-based BBLLers are encouraged to come out and heckle the band.

It’s a 17 and over show — fun for the whole family!


YOUNG JESUS: 10:15-11:00
THE ETHYL MERMEN: 9:30-10:00
SHALLOBOI: 8:00-8:30

It’s sort of a record release show in that we really haven’t played out much since releasing White Noise Machines.

Channeling a mix of Village Green-era Kinks, New Order, Volcano Suns and Teenage Fanclub (and any other obscure musical references you care to infer), White Noise Machines is an 8-song CD that juxtaposes moody lyrics against a backdrop of sunny pop melodies with biting guitar hooks and ooh-ooh choruses.

For more info about The Ethyl Mermen, including videos, please visit http://www.reverbnation.com/theethylmermen. (the close)

For bio info, please visit the ubiquitous http://www.myspace.com/theethylmermen.


Tom Long is one-third of the seldom heard Chicago band The Ethyl Mermen. The name Tom Long can be found in the dictionary, Baseball Encyclopedia and a pub in Ireland. Tom Long is not affiliated with any other Tom Long; he won the rights to use his own name after prevailing in a three-way game of Jan-ken-pon by choosing "dynamite!" No Toms were harmed in the making of this blog.

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