Please donate to the fund that’s been established to support his family.  I like Dangerblond’s story about Ashley:

The very first time I met him in person, he told me the incredible story of his family. He said, “I had a Jack Nicholson childhood.” The story, which he wrote about on his blog, was that he had grown up with a “sister” who turned out to be his mother. His “parents” were really his grandparents. He didn’t find out any of this until after his “parents” were dead. He had no idea who his real father was. This is, of course, not funny, but when Ashley thought someone was engaging in too much self-pity, he was given to saying, “fuck you. My entire family lied to me my whole life about who my parents are, and they died without ever telling me, and I never even got to tell them to fuck off!” This had the effect of making the self-pitying person, Ashley, and any onlookers dissolve into howling laughter at the absurd unfairness of life.

(photo credit: adrastosno)