It seems obvious that Lee Circle should get a new name–and Lee’s statue removed, maybe buried Cadillac Ranch-style out in City Park.  I’m not about to propose any alternatives, but Can’t we all agree it’s time to turn the page on Lee?  Almost anything would be better.

Then, how about we actually make ________ Circle a nice space?  Right now it’s just sort of depressing.

But here’s what really drives home how lame Lee Circle is.  In each direction–North, South, East, West–a street spokes away.  On the sidewalk in each direction is a big compass rock–I’m tempted to call them boulders–and a metal capital letter has been bolted to each one indicating the direction–N, S, E, W.  Each rock sits on a wooden pallet.

The best view is to the East where the museums have clustered:

My favorite, though, is the view to the West–because the W has been stolen:

Update: A comment from rcs points me to the former name of Lee Circle.  Via Kendall’s History of New Orleans:

Lee Circle was formerly Tivoli Circle, from the tivoli, or “flying horses,” which, to the great delight of the children of the neighborhood, once operated there.

Flying horses!  Much, much better!

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