When I listen to the radio I’m pretty much always tuned to community radio, usually WWOZ or much less frequently WTUL. I accept that the range of music will be wide and not always to my liking (more New Orleans jazz and funk, thank you very much). I accept that deejays are volunteers and not polished–their lack of polish I usually consider part of their charm–and I bow to their earnest efforts.

However, I strongly urge all deejays in Orleans Parish to find a new way to tell me what I just heard.

Please, please, please stop with the endless string of “and before that,” “before that you heard,” and “before that.” Unless FCC regulations dictate otherwise, I suggest saying something like, “All right, here’s what I just played for y’all, starting with the most recent number by blank called blank…” Then, instead of the “before that” transition simply say the next song’s name. And so on. I think people will get it. It’s a list.