I’m starting to get the feeling that at least part of Senator David Vitter’s motivation for frequenting prostitutes is he identifies with them. From Mother Jones:

So why is Vitter so sympathetic to the formaldehyde industry? Campaign finance records show that many of Louisiana’s big formaldehyde polluters happen to be—you guessed it—Vitter campaign donors. He’s received $9,000 from Dow Chemical’s PAC, $5,000 from Monsanto’s, $5,000 from ExxonMobil’s, and $2,500 from the American Forest and Paper Association’s. The American Forest and Paper Association is also a member of the Formaldehyde Council, an industry group whose views align with Vitter’s (it’s lobbied for an NAS review, too).

Okay, I find it hard to believe he’s into formaldehyde just for the $21,500 in campaign contributions.  I think YRHT is closer to the point:

When you ask connected politicos about Vitter, the person, you often get a reaction that begins with a deep, unsettling shudder, then a thoughtful pause, and then a statement along the lines of: “Remember the Conan the Barbarian movie where the evil priest Thursa Doom transforms into a serpent …”

(Photo credit: Mother Jones via dsb nola.  Note to Mother Jones: Is it too much to ask for a link?)

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