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See Teachers’ Unions or Teachers’ Unions? for Canada’s answer to Colbert’s question.

from Ultimate $uperpower: Supersized dollars drive Waiting for Superman agenda

Geoffrey Canada, President and CEO

Stan Druckenmiller, Chairman, is the President, CEO, and Chairman of Duquesne Captial [sic], which he founded in 1981. The fund is reported to have more than $10 billion in assets. With an estimated current net worth of around $3.5 billion, he is ranked by Forbes as the 91st Riches [sic] person in America as the [sic]. He is reported to have made $260 million in 2008. Known for his philanthropy, his donations include $25 million to the Harlem Children’s Zone in 2006.

Mitch Kurz is a former senior management executive at Young and Rubicam, a marketing advertising and communications company, and former board member of Teach for America.

Matthew Blank is chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Showtime Networks, Inc.

Wallis Annenberg is the Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of the Annenberg Foundation.

Gary D. Cohn is President and Chief Operating Officer of the global banking and securities firm Goldman Sachs.

Zoe Cruz, managing director of Voras Capital Management, is a Greek-born American senior banking executive and former co-president of Morgan Stanley. In 2006, she was #10 on the list of Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Women of the World.

Joe DiMenna is a hedge fund manager and Managing Director of Zweig-Di-Menna [sic] Associates.

Brian J. Higgins is a Principal of the private investment company The Jordan Company.

Joe Gregory is the former president of Lehman Brothers, which was the nation’s fourth-largest investment bank until its bankruptcy in 2008, the largest in U.S. history.

Mark Kingdon is president and founder of Kingdon Capital Management, an investment management company. He is also a member of the board of trustees of Columbia University.

Kenneth G. Langone is the former director of the New York Stock Exchange and the co-founder of Home Depot. He is currently chair and CEO of Invemed Associates.

Sue Lehmann is a management consultant whose clients range from American Express to McKinsey and Company to Morgan Stanley. She is also a former board chair of Teach for America. She also leads a family real estate business.

Marshall J. Lux is managing director of McKinsey and Co., the global management consulting firm that has 90 offices in 51 countries.

Richard Perry co-founded Perry Capital in 1988 and before that worked in the equity arbitrage area of Goldman Sachs.

Laura Samberg is Co-Director of the Samberg Family Foundation.

Steve Squeri is head of global services and chief information officer for American Express.

Caroline Turner is a Trustee of the Oak Foundation which in 2009 donated $1 million to Harlem Children’s Zone.

Richard Witten is the senior managing director of The Orienta Group and a managing member of RSW Capital Management investment advisory firms. Before that he was managing director of Goldman Sachs. He is also a trustee of Columbia University.

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