Yes, on to Chicaco. This photo of the Green Bay Press-Gazette comes courtesy of my co-worker, whose husband will be in Chicaco at Soldier Field for the game Sunday.

Still, this isn’t the biggest blunder I’ve seen in print in recent weeks. The Jan. 8 issue of the Chicago Sun-Times featured a story about Matt Garza, the pitcher the Cubs acquired in a trade with the Tampa Bay Rays. The photo that accompanied the story was a full page shot on the back cover featuring Rafael Soriano, the other former Rays pitcher who was signed by the Yankees. Hey, they both have chin hair.

It’s not always easy being a copy editor. Years ago, the staff for the association publication I work on repeatedly misspelled the name of the wife of one of our members. Her first name always struck me as unique — Foyce.

Spellcheck would always highlight Foyce and I would double-check the spelling against the member database to be sure. Our organization would prepare mailing labels, send invitations and numerous pieces of correspondence with the name Foyce. It went on for about two years before the polite doctor finally called the office to let us know his wife’s name is Joyce.

At least I had the database to blame.

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