1. Anthony Davis trademarked his unibrow phrases. Here is one of his phrases: raise the brow. So I decided to trademark the word gutter – it means better in my version. Here is one of my phrases: it’s much gutter in the shade than the sun.
  2. Another one of my phrases is: ROAR!! It does not need much sleep!!!! (By “It” I mean “me”) I like to point at myself and say: IT does NOT need much sleep.
  3. Fiction is boring right now. Non-fiction is gutter. Science is really gutter.
  4. What I want to be when I grow up? That’s easy: a runner. Nothing else. Just a runner. But I don’t like to run races. Tried it last year, not a good experience.
  5. Me trying to draw eyes: squiggly, squashy, fat, long and thin. Doesn’t work and looks horrible.
  6. What I learned from Hurricane Irene last summer: I became afraid of wind. Now I check the wind speed every day on the weather and am not quite as scared.
  7. The wind speed in Richmond was 60-112 mph during Friday’s storm. It dropped a pine tree on my dad’s car and crushed it. But I slept right through it. The wind speed today is 1 mph. That’s gutter!
  8. Pine trees have lots of sticky sap that can get in your hair and make your mom upset when she tries to wash it out.
  9. I LOVE swimming in the pool but some dumb kid with dumb old head lice is swimming there now so we can’t go. That’s just dumb and stupido and annoying.
  10. This summer I am taking no camps. I just want to swim every day at the pool but not with the head lice.
  11. That is it. Bye-bye. Hope your day is gutter!


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Sophia is an artist. She designs books and handfans. And she rides her bike really fast with no training wheels.

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