My friend Molly saw a movie documentry called African Cats. I like cats. I like big cats and little cats. Molly’s mom Cheryl said they show the prey getting killed in African Cats. I don’t want to see that. My cat Penny gets prey but it’s different. Today she had a big chipmunk in her mouth that daddy tried to get from her. She ran away fast and over the fence into our neybor Jane’s yard. She still had the chipmunk. I watched her play with her prey. She threw it up in the air and jumped on it. Then she ate it all. Just not the tail. She’s a good hunter.

We took care of a stray cat named Boots because he was black with white paws. He was a great cat but my mom said he thinks he’s a dog. He walked with me in the backyard and sat with me when I sat down criss cross apple sauce. If I got up and ran he ran too. He let me pick him up and hug him and rub his tummy. My other 2 cats are not like that. Penny will hiss and bite and scratch me if I try to pick her up. You never can ever touch Penny’s tummy. Daddy said Boots looked like another cat Vincent that was mr. john’s cat. But Boots was mean to Penny and chased her and hit her. He was not fixed and that’s why. Boots beat up our naybor Eric’s cat Spike so bad he had to go to the vet and get stiched up. Eric built Spike a humungus cage in his backyard so Spike could go outside but not all the way outside. Someone told us Boots is a mean cat kind of name so we changed his name. I wanted to keep him. We named him Tolle because that’s the name of a man who wrote a book about how to be nice and calm. And then we got him fixed. He was still mean to Penny. My mom got some white pills to give him to calm him down. They were so strong she had to brake them in quarter. She said sorry to him every time she gave him a pill. He was calm for a week then he was mean again. A woman came with her husband and they adopted Tolle. She named him Kitty. Kitty? Kitty? Wait what? That’s it Kitty. She said I could visit him any time but we never went. I miss him and he’s Tolle not Kitty.




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