Pink stinks. I have this problem with the color pink. I wrote about it before but it bugs me. My mom told me over and over it’s just a color get over it. But I can’t because people won’t let me. For an example, here is what I mean. I was in a play at school and we did scenes from a book called The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles by Julie Andrews Edwards. I learned all my lines for the character that was Lindy because that’s who I had to play. But I wanted to be the Prock. My friend Josh was the Prock not me. Then I wanted to be the professor. Wes was the professor not me. The Prock had the most interesting lines not Lindy. My mom said Lindy is the one in the book who figures it all out when even the professor can’t. She’s the smartest one with the most courage. So I said okay that’s awesome to be Lindy. But I wished I could be Lindy and the Prock. We got presents because this play was for our kindergarten celebration. My gift was rapped in pink paper and Leah’s was too. The others got green or blue. I can’t remember what color they got but it was not pink. Will you be surprised to know they were boys? I wouldn’t. I wanted the green I really did. And in the play the Whangdoodle asks the professor to make him a female Whangdoodle. Guess what she looked like in our play? She had on pink and lots of bows! The Whangdoodle did not. Why not? Because everyone wants to put pink on girls and I don’t want it. My mom said I will probably like pink if I see it as just a color. Let it go, Sophia! She has very little patience since she went back to work in an office. But it still bugs me. Pink is okay as a color but it is boring too. It is not a color I want to choose in my art box. Last week I had to throw away all my dumb princess pencils that people gave me. Those are covered in pink. Oh dear oh dear I can’t even look at these! That’s what I told my mom when she asked me why I was throwing them away. And I said it in my whiny girly voice on purpose.



















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