One day my grandma was watching me when I had spring break and my mom and dad had to work. I wanted to go down to the pool and shoot hoops in the parking lot. Grandma said it was too hot. That made me upset. I love to shoot hoops. I’m really good. I usually get more than 100 baskets in the net and it’s not a baby net. It’s grown up size. So I told grandma I want to be alone. I went to my room and closed the door until my mom got home. I wrote I WANT TO SHOOT HOOPS with my city blocks wood pieces. Some letters I had to make cursive. My mom didn’t get it. She told me to clean it up but I said not until I get to go to the pool and shoot hoops. The blocks are still on the floor in my room. You can read some words but not all. I still have not been to the pool yet. That’s crazy.













Sophia is an artist. She designs books and handfans. And she rides her bike really fast with no training wheels.

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