This is what happens to me always. I want to write so many things but I get tired. I know what I’m thinking but I don’t know how to write it. So my mom said to write little bits down. Here are some of my little bits.

1. Watching tv makes me tired. This is one big reason I don’t like to watch tv. At school sometimes my teacher Miss Carissa puts on a dvd and all I want to do is go sit at a table and do my work and not watch the tv. But that would be not nice.

There are things on tv that you don’t know if they’re true. Like if you look for a little while, you will see something about the women on tv. They are all slim and wear lots of make up. That’s not real life. And if something is happening in a show it’s not even real. People are pretending to be real people. It’s a big fake out. I like to watch documentrys. They are real. Most of the time.

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Sophia is an artist. She designs books and handfans. And she rides her bike really fast with no training wheels.

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