1. My old dance teacher Miss Maryanne. She was a little strict and wanted us to learn our steps. She talked the whole hour and I couldn’t enjoy the music.
2. My old gymnastics teacher Miss Gabby. She was nice but wouldn’t stop talking. I couldn’t concentrate on my handstands and cartwheels and backbends.
3. My Spanish teacher Senora Nelly. She is excited too teach her class. and she talks in Spanish so fast I can’t understand her.
4. My Grandma Ruth. She loves me and I love her but sometimes she asks too many questions and won’t let me get off the phone.
5. My Grandpa Balwant. He can’t understand me and keeps saying “Hah?” but he keeps talking.
6. My friend Matthew. He talks so much in class and gives me opinions I don’t ask him for.
7. My friend Leah. She tries to boss me around. Bossy people talk a lot.
8. The P1 and P2 kids in my class like Huck and Imi. They make so much noise I can’t do my work.

So this is what I do.

1. I quit dance after the recital.
2. I got a new gymnastics teacher Miss Becky.
3. I can’t get a new Spanish teacher so I just look at Senora Nelly with no smile and repeat the words she makes us say with no sound coming out of my mouth. silently.
4. I say wanna talk to my mommy?
5. I run away.
6. I tell him to go away and do his own work.
7. I tell her to go do herself what she tells me to do.
8. I turn to my work and ignore them.

Sometimes I talk too much but only when I have to. Like the first time I got in my group The Tiger Monkey Bar Gang at school on the playground. I had to so I could find out what the gang was called and who was in it.

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