After watching Lee Zurik’s NOAH reports over at Your Right Hand Thief it occurred to me that New Orleans bloggers need their own TV channel. Zurik did a great job (I especially like the way he kept firing quesions at Nagin and the follow-through), and I know being on camera isn’t easy, but it was bloggers like Karen Gadbois and Eli who made that story happen. Video distribution may have made it happen sooner.

The example of TPM Media is an obvious one. I guess in a very limited way I took at stab at video reporting with my question for John McCain a couple months ago. I should have asked McCain any number of other questions, but the fact I could ask him a question at all demonstrates 1) access is easier than it may seem, 2) fast and crappy video has an authenticity all its own (ask that schmuck in Virginia).

(Photo credit: Matt Forsythe)