Editor’s Note: This post first appeared September 27, 2010, when its author, Sophia, was five years old. This week we will celebrate Sophia’s contributions to B2L2 by re-running five of her greatest hits.

Once upon a time, there was a swamp with turtles, and sometimes, there were elephants and hippopatumuses. They went for a good swim and bath, and there was a forest with toucans, and in that forest, there was a bear. The scientists they were named Lucy, Evelyn, Donis, William, Max, and Will, and Wildum, and Sanarial, and Abador, and Doresel, and Karsee, and Sassy, and Rassy Golden, and Forseel, Sackle, Seekle, and Ceila, and Crass, Losa, Riles Pez, and Kraze, Grace, and Kriz.

One day, they went in the rainforest where toucans and macaws were, and one day, when they were in the rainforest, those twenty-three scientists discovered that if you chop down all the trees, then there would be no homes or trees. And it would be just desert.

Lucy gasped, Oh! We gotta get on this track, and tell everyone that what we just discovered and if you cut all the trees down, then it would be just desert.

Yeah, Evelyn said. Everybody has to know. Yeah, yeah. That’s true. Yeah, yeah. It’s really true. Hey, Will. I need a little help on this. Hey, Will. I need a little help on this. Hey, Will. Is this true?

Hey, Evelyn. What is it that you’re asking me? said Will.

Well, Will, said Evelyn. Is it true that toucans live in trees? So you can’t cut down trees. Is that right?

That’s not right, said Will.

Yeah, that’s not right, said Lucy.

Will said, They can live in the canopy or the emergence or the understory. Will said it happily. Not like he was going to go up there. He said it like the whole team of scientists were going to go up there.

So they climbed and they climbed.

The twenty-three scientists went up there.

There they were high high high high high in the tree branches. They could see from high high high up in the tree branches those toucans, bears, and then Wildum said, Hey, Will. Can you help me? There’s some toucans that are called bear toucans, because they are bear, and they don’t have any wings. So they can’t fly.

Yes, that’s true, said Will.

Hey, everybody, said Lucy. And in no time, they were paying attention and Lucy, in no time, said, Hey everybody, there’s lots of mosquitos in this forest because it’s hot.

Well, Wildum said, happily, I need you guys to have attention to me. Well, is there anybody? Is there anybody that can be my volunteer? Is there anybody that can get down by themselves?

And they have a rope to help us all get down.

That’s what I was saying, Wildum said, happily. Is there anybody who can be a volunteer for that? And they have tape. To tape. The ropes down in the ground, to help us all get down. And it has to be with knots. So we can climb down. To help us all get down. That’s what I was saying, he said, happily.

Lassie joined in. And Mason joined in. Lucy had one baby brother, and they go to three to ten and Mason’s three and Lassie is five and a half. So they could join in. And today they were there. That makes twenty-five scientists.

Di-da. Di-da. Di-da. Di-da.

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