Editor’s Note: This poem first appeared December 6, 2010.

married a long time
work takes me on the road
for a few days
and nights

get home
stomp in the house
say, “I am very glad to see you, baby.”

and my beautiful wife
a sensitive woman
says, “All right.  Let’s get it over with.”

so she takes off her clothes
and jumps on the bed
and we forget
to shut the bedroom door
the windows open
in the front of the house
so that the cries echo
up and down the block
and a neighbor calls it in
it being tricky sometimes
to distinguish between going the distance
and a domestic disturbance

so I open the door in my shorts
and assure the officer that yes
everything is okay now
we have gotten it all over with


Following this weekend’s high-speed moped chase with local law enforcement, Bob Hudson’s whereabouts remain unknown.  He is said to be uninterested in football games and zombie-show marathons, and swings a mean crutch.