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Some of your will recall the long series I posted awhile back about a young woman that was brought to the United States by her parents from Mexico. I am writing about, of course, Angie Sánchez. She was my student several years ago and was (and still is) exceptionally bright and hard working. I have no doubt that she will become an even stronger young woman and a solid professional. At a time when very high numbers of Hispanic students fail to connect with public schools, fall through the cracks, and drop out of school, never to earn their high school diploma, she has excelled.

She realized almost immediately that she was under-challenged by many of her teachers, under-encouraged by school administrators, and under-guided by counselors, she went out on her own, blazed her own trail and attended college, graduating and performing with distinction. Her greatest challenge was not academic, but rather legal. Her parents, to maintain family unity, crossed the US border illegal when she was a child to try their luck in the Land of Promise.

Her story can be found on my personal blog site and on B2L2. I encourage readers to check it out. Not only does it tell us something about the hardships legal and illegal immigrants face these days, but it is also a good story, an American Story of a person striving for success and beating the odds.

We caught up with her last week after President Barak Obama decided to no longer deport the illegal immigrants who are hard at work on building a life in this country. You will find her response below.

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A Shot at the Dream

By Angie Sánchez

“A professor (one of my favorites and biggest supporters) once told me that he thought I had a tiger inside of me waiting to get out. He said that 6 years ago, when I was a senior in college, and since then I feel like that tiger waiting to come out from within me has disappeared. My current status has put quite a damper on my dreams and goals in life after graduating from college. However, I felt that tiger revive a few days ago when President Obama announced that he would halt the deportation of eligible illegal immigrants and grant them work permits.

I welcomed the announcement with a great smile, or should I say roar?

This offers me a glimpse into a world of bigger and better opportunities for someone like me. I have lived in this country, MY country, for 18 years and I have patiently waited for something like this to happen. I have attended primary, secondary, and post-secondary school, and I’ve maintained a clean record. For the past 18 years I have lived my life as an American. People that work hard to continuously better themselves deserve good things, such as a piece of paper validating their stay in a country which they’ve made their own.

I have learned to speak English and I have assimilated myself into society and culture; there is no other choice BUT to allow us to be here legally. We deserve it! I have accomplished way more than many of my natural-born peers; including white, Latino, black, etc. Heck, all one has to do is take a look at my graduating high school class of 400+ students! Perhaps some of them of should be “illegals” for being absolute idiots making poor contributions to society. I am not a liability to this nation, I am an asset! I have worked for everything that I have and I plan on continuing to do so. That is why it’s about time President Obama did something for ME and others like myself. People that work hard to continuously better themselves deserve good things, such as a piece of paper validating their stay in a country which they’ve made their own.

Although I’m not in the process of being removed from this country and this rule does not offer a path towards citizenship, it’s a short-term solution to what should be a long-term one. I’m excited and optimistic for it. However, I am worried that come January, when we could possibly have Mitt Romney as President and the rule may be reversed then it’s bye-bye, DREAMers!”

Guest comments by Angie Sánchez

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