Child #1:        [Parent], no parent does that.  You don’t have to do that.
City Councilperson:    … if they were not in my same situation they wouldn’t do it … but it sounds like a reasonable thing to me.
Child #1:        No it doesn’t.  You start dinner …
City Councilperson:    I don’t know why it’s so bad.
Child #1:        Because.
City Councilperson:    You could wait in the car if you want, and then I’ll go in and we’ll keep going.
Child #1:        How long will it be?
City Councilperson:    Well, it won’t be fine for you to wait in the car.  I could go and–
Child #1:        –no–
City Councilperson:    –I could drop you off at home and–
Child #1:        –you can just forget it and then go to dinner with us.
City Councilperson:    But I would like to go. It would be a fun thing to go to. I would like to go.
Child #1:         So?  You’re forgetting your responsibilities.  You can go when [parent]’s in town.
City Councilperson:    I can’t go when [parent]’s in town.  [Parent] causes problems whenever [parent]’s in town.  [Parent] doesn’t want me to go.  Either way, I’m always, like, having problems doing anything I want to do.

Child #1:        [Child #2] doesn’t know how to count without using …
Child #2: It’s hard, I’m only in second grade.
Child #1:        I could do multiplication, my times tables in second grade.  In French. All the way up to twelve.
City Councilperson:    Don’t listen to [Child #1].
Child #1:        [CC Parent], you know that’s true.
City Councilperson:    Why would I want to be home with you fighting with [Child #2] tonight, instead of going someplace where I would have a nice time?
Child #1:        No, after dinner.
City Councilperson:    Just tell me, why?
Child #1:        After dinner.
City Councilperson:    Oh, yeah, after dinner it’s going to be different.
Child #1:        Then you can stay there.  Okay?
City Councilperson:    You tell my why I would want to spend time with you when this is what happens.
Child #1:        This isn’t what happens a hundred percent of the time …

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