The Democratic National Committee stripped Michigan of its delegates when it broke party rules in scheduling an early primary.

All of the Democratic campaigns were notified that Florida and Michigan would not count. As far as is known, none protested at the time. On August 31, all campaigns received a letter from various officials in the four early-voting states asking them to sign a pledge not to campaign in Florida and Michigan. Within a day, all campaigns agreed. (source: Michael Tomasky/New York Review of Books)

However, Hillary Clinton left her name on the Michigan ballot even as she said the votes wouldn’t count. Barack Obama’s name was not on the Michigan ballot–because the votes wouldn’t count. Clinton “beat” Obama in Michigan. Hard to take her “victory” seriously, right? Afterall, it was basically impossible for Michigan voters to cast votes for Obama, or even John Edwards (he was still in the race back then).

Not suprisingly, Hillary now sees it differently:

The results … were fair and they should be honored.

According to The American Heritage College Dictionary (4th ed.), “fair” means:

Being in accordance with rules, logic, or ethics

I would score Hillary 0 for 3.

Bonus: “Harold Ickes, a longtime Clinton confidant and member of the committee, voted to strip the states of their delegates. The [lone] dissenter, Allan Katz, is now a superdelegate pledged to Obama.”

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Translation: “(Vote) for people’s happiness”