Mister Bunny was originally conceived in 2004 from a pillow-case and a few leather-jacket zippers. I guess I’ve been trying to perfect the creepy stuffed animal ever since.

This is mister bunny before I start. He’s been this way for almost a year.

I decided that the whole dark face thing was a bit contrived, so I taped off his eyes and gave him a good coat of white.

The zipper in the mouth does work, and I replaced the head stuffing.

What is that in there?

Why it’s a page from The book of John. I’ve stuffed him with John and Revelation, the 2 most devisive and Right-wing Conservitive-empowering books of the Bible.

I removed the stuffing and added a zipper on his back.

What is that in there?

Why it’s 24 dollars worth of rubber-worms, a bunch of hoodoo supplies and human bones!

The best thing about using the worms is that they both make him heavy, and they retain body-heat, so if you hold it for a while, and then hand it to someone, the body is both hot and limp.

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