One thing I’ve always liked about hockey players is they’re great at the “aw, shucks” routine.  They talk some trash during games, they’re excitable after scores, pretty much like all athletes, check, but when they’re off the ice, they talk shyly about how they don’t want to embarrass themselves or that they’re just lucky so and so’s.  Like last night, the Chicago Blackhawks outlasted the Columbus Blue Jackets in a shootout (for the uninitiated, that’s how the NHL settles tie games now) that went 11 rounds, meaning Blackhawk goalie Cristobal Huet made 8 straight saves to give his team a shot at winning.  Quite an achievement.  Some might say the guy is on fire.  His response?

I don’t know what to say.  You’ve got to be a little lucky …

Kris Verteeg, a fellow Blackhawk who scored a “highlight-reel goal” earlier in the game, attributed his achievement to …

Obviously it takes luck, and I guess I got a little lucky there …

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