I went to the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival last weekend. Thanks to the miracle of LlamaVision, I’m able to share with you some exciting moments from my trip.

No audio or video recording is allowed at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, so if you weren’t there you will have to use your imagination if you really want to know what it was like.

Imagine tiny bottles of water that cost $3 and Willie Nelson on a gigantic video screen. Just you and Willie and 200,000 close friends in the shimmering heat.

We saw George Porter Jr. and band at the Maple Leaf. It was astonishing.

We ate delicious food.

We met many interesting people.

Sadly, we did not see any beatniks.

Roll the good times!


John Hicks is the president and CEO of LlamaVision USA. He is also an accomplished demolition expert and milliner.

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