Following up on what Varg says

judge [New Orleans] on the 2007 Crime March, the ouster of Eddie Jordan, the numerous organizations and artists who have emerged from the wake of the flood…

Karen Gadbois’ work is finally getting the attention it deserves.

I’m liking the 28 acre community garden going up in N.O. East:

The swampy land is mostly unused, a place for grass to grow, children to play and occasionally, a festival to be held. On one sliver of land that is slated to be redeveloped this year into senior housing, community elders grow staples of their home country such as bok choy, basil, water chestnuts and green onions. In those rows of hearty, hot-weather crops lies the genesis of the farm, which will replace the garden after it is cleared for the much-needed housing development.

“The farm will be much bigger than this but there will be the same people out there growing and also new people,” said Peter Nguyen, project manager for Mary Queen of Viet Nam CDC.

Good, good stuff.

We made a wire mesh compost bin in our backyard. It’s obviously a great way to make compost for the garden, but it sure minimizes the nastiness of dealing with the garbage. I don’t know why we waited so long to make one. Here’s a guide (.pdf) on how to make all sundry of compost bins.

Rising Tide III fast approaches.

I have a couple days off, so maybe my pessimism levels are running low. I’m liking the 3 day work week.