Rielle Hunter’s sister Elizabeth calls on John Edwards to take a paternity test, Edwards agrees to take a paternity test, but Rielle Hunter will not agree to submit her baby to having one. Edwards says he hired her to shoot (cringe worthy) “webisodes” for the campaign before they got down to business, but that doesn’t seem accurate. A former money guy for Edwards, Andrew Young, married with children, with an odd criminal record, says the baby is his (I’m guessing he was playing Bobby Kennedy to Edwards’ JFK when he visited Hunter, who was apparently playing a skinny, New Agey Marilyn Monroe minus the celebrity status, or with deferred (or transmuted) celebrity status, to tell her to stay away from John and to remove her clothes). Another former Edwards money guy, Fred Baron, has been paying the aforementioned money guy and Hunter to live the good life away from tabloids, he claims without Edwards’ approval or even knowledge.

To have so many guardian angels …

Like most people, the fact Edwards had an affair doesn’t upend my world. That’s between him and Elizabeth. But as many people have pointed out, his recklessness running for president with such low hanging fruit dangling there, his presidential campaign and the prospect for progressive change hinging on that fruit not getting picked or simply falling of its own accord, undermines his credibility in a big way. I mean, what an asshole.

Still, if he wants to come back to musician’s village and help New Orleanians as a kind of penance, I won’t object.