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The shit storm has begun–this, along with He-Is-The-OTHER references to “domestic terrorists” by Gov. Palin and Who-Is-He-REALLY? from McCain, is just the beginning of the descent of discourse coming out of McCain’s camp. Each effort by his campaign has seemed to sink lower and lower, to be more desperate, throw more turds at the wall and something will finally stick. It’s made McCain look like he is losing his grip on reality or his staff or his mouth or all three. It makes him look like a doddering, angry old man.

I thought the real race-baiting and code-slinging would start the last 2 desperate weeks. Little early…..

  • “Sarah Palin says, you know, ‘I was in second grade when Joe Biden was elected to the United States Senate at age 29.’ That’s true, but she was in sixth grade the last time John had a new idea.” Joe Biden (ABC News)

I like Joe Biden more and more.

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