Final words

by Angie Sánchez

The reason for writing this was not so that the reader feels pity for me and my situation. I did it so that people will try and understand me and those in my situation. I just want a piece of the pie. My parents brought me to this country so that I would obtain a better future through education and that is what I want for myself. I am not asking for a free ride. All I’m asking for is an opportunity to pursue my dreams and goals. I’m so glad that I have made it as far as I have, but I believe that some of the things I faced I should not have had to face.

I have not been able to return to Mexico since I left 13 years ago. When I left I promised my family that I would return soon, but I have obviously not kept my promise. My grandmother on my Dad’s side passed away from diabetes and I did not get to say good bye or see her one last time. Not only that, but she did not get to meet her new grandson. I felt so heartbroken when she passed away. I also felt frustrated because I knew that I could go if my family and I chose to but if we did we risked losing everything my parents had worked hard for.

I’m fortunate to still have my great-grandmother alive, however I can’t help but wonder how much longer she will stay alive. Since I grew up with her I am very close to her and if she passes away like my grandma did I will be devastated. This is the hardest part about my situation, the fact that I can not return and visit my family members whenever I please. Instead I’m forced to stay here and pray to God for comprehensive immigration reform that will allow me to return to my home country.


Gold Cage

The following lyrics are by a famous Mexican group, Los Tigres del Norte. A lot of the lyrics by this group depict real life experiences, mainly those about immigrants, drug-traffickers, and the corruption of the Mexican government. Some of their songs are about love too, of course! The song talks about a man who feels as he was in a cage. The paragraphs that are in bold letters is the part of the song that I relate with in particular. He lives in this great nation (USA) and is making good money but he still feels imprisoned. Thus making the US sort of like a gold cage. He has everything he needs materialistically but emotionally he fells empty. That is exactly how I feel at times. I have economic stability and my family is together, but I still feel like I’m missing something. The something is Mexico. I love this country and I’m incredibly grateful for all that I have, but Mexico will always be in my heart and until I’m able to return and reunite myself with the rest of my family I will not be completely happy.

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