A couple years ago when the Saints played the Bears in the NFC championship game there was a lot of shock locally at how abusive the Bears fans were of Saints fans.  I certainly wasn’t surprised.   The Bears bring the worst out of the Chicago sports fan.  I grew up as one, so I know.  Thus, that week leading up to that Saints-Bears playoff game, as I saw that more and more Saints fans were gearing up to bring their good cheer to Chicago, I remember thinking:  Don’t go! And:  If you do go, don’t wear your Saints stuff! It was like watching puppies going off to slaughter …  Sure enough:

Hannigan, like many Saints fans who endured the bitterly cold weather at Solider Field that Sunday afternoon, said she and her party of four were threatened and intimidated almost from the moment they walked into the stadium. One fan intentionally elbowed her husband and others taunted their friends with Katrina-related insults.

Other fans said Bears fans hurled snowballs and went out of their way to instigate confrontations. Others denigrated their hometown and even dropped the Katrina card. One Bears fan infamously carried a sign that read: “Bears Finishing What Katrina Started.”

Now there’s this about a Pittsburgh Steeler fan possibly being poisoned by a Bears fan after a recent Steeler-Bears game:

A Pittsburgh man in town to watch the Steelers play in September says he had to be rushed to the hospital on the verge of death after accepting a drink from a Bears fan.

Police are investigating whether Zack Heddinger was drugged or whether his drink was spiked at Kitty O’Shea’s bar where he and some friends went after watching the Steelers lose to the Bears 14-17 at Soldier Field Sept. 20.

Heddinger said he doesn’t remember exactly what happened, except that he accepted a drink from a Bears fan after an argument.

Well, at least we won’t have to endure the Chicago hooligans this year.  Da Bears suck and won’t be hosting any playoff games.

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