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I took down a recent post on efforts by a group of parents and neighbors to create a neighborhood school at the Colton site. An email birdie sent me information, told me to disseminate, then almost immediately corrected the info in 2 pseudonymous comments. When I realized the email birdie was correcting the info s/he gave me, I was so pissed I couldn’t think about it for 4 days.

Then I took it down, here [GBS] and at B2L2 [here].

The birdie couldn’t understand why.

I try my damnedest to not be the usual solipsistic, narcissistic, asinine, loudmouthed blogger who hates everything like a disgruntled 14-year-old boy, who spouts and sprinkles half-truths, not-truths, prejudices, one-liners that sound cute for 10 seconds, and/or who favors petty insults as verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs. [I use “fuck” for all that.] Education has become a dangerous and contentious arena, full of barkeaters on left and right and in the center fueled by flawed studies, anecdotal “evidence,” wishful thinking, flawed assumptions, and hate for ___. I try my best to rely on fact as much as possible without losing the sense of outrage that drives me here or my sense of humor or my ability to use logic and reason. [A post on logic is in the mental crockpot.] When I look like an unapologetic partisan or barkeater, I lose the only thing I have in this debate—my ethos. I do not have a foundation, research assistants, millionaire best friends, etc. like some in this debate. Those who believe I am wrong and too partisan [or incorrectly partisan] or just misguided feed on any sign or crumb of blindness, error, or ignorance. So when email birdies make me look like a fool, as they stay anonymous with various aliases and far-flung email addresses, I am the only one who looks like an idiot and a sucker who can’t read because she is so blinded by barkeaterness. And those who make me look like an idiot through their own fault and action or inaction get to traipse back to their whatevers and leave me holding a bottomless bag.

Fuck that. Let me repeat, FUCK THAT.

If you want to email me, go right ahead, love to chat. But don’t send me shit I can’t verify and don’t send me shit, period. If you can’t discuss x rationally, don’t expect me to add rationality or even listen. Life is too damn short and the problems are too damn real, dangerous, and likely to be permanent. A whole generation of students is being experimented on, shuffled, left behind, demoralized and feeling hopeless and that is too fucking serious for bullshit middle school gossip and mind games. I’ve had it. The buck not only stops here but I have chopped him up with a machete, doused him in gasoline and thrown on several matches.

You want to spout bullshit, get your own blog. Leave me out. Really.
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