Magnolia © Kevin Woodson

As a young artist, I found infinite fascination in the other-worldly insects, ever-present flocks of birds, and dancing flowers in my parents’ garden. Today, I’ve returned to that golden place to reunite with my earliest fascinations, and to marvel at the unfolding possibilities of the flowers.

Growing up and leaving the garden, I found new inspiration in the discord of punk rock bands, the thrill of the circus, and the adventure of children’s stories. But as the range of my subjects grows, my passion for the garden shines through each canvas with growing warmth, like spring’s first crocus pushing through a layer of snow.

My online gallery at is about the flower paintings I make every day in the gardens of Oakland and around the world. It is also home to my illustrations from the stories and performances that, although they don’t directly feature flowers, are all still filled with the lessons of the garden.

I believe that flowers are far more than the transactional insect-seducers that some overly-clinical minds would suggest. For one thing, humans have shaped the destiny of flowers for as long as we have lived on earth, seeking out their beauty and lovingly cultivating them, both passively, and through actively breeding. And in turn, flowers shaped humans, drawing our ancestors to explore new places — and new possibilities. Simply put, we need each other.

The beauty of flowers can help us understand new ideas through their mysteries and simplicity. The brightest places in our communities are traditionally planted with seasonal flowers. And blooming flowers will always symbolize the hope of spring and rebirth. In my paintings and illustrations, I hope to achieve this – and share it with the world.

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And, in case you’re wondering, the King of Kook lives!

Pansies © Kevin Woodson


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