She smiled politely as usual. The nicely dressed lady across from her smiled a tight smile back. Neither would make eye contact again before one was called into the office. That was the way it always was. You never knew who you’d wind up sitting in a waiting room with. Just a polite smile was all decent folks could chance.

The little boy played with the wooden blocks in the middle of the room. He seemed too old for blocks. But, he couldn’t be expected to read the Red Books and Ladies Home Journals in the rack beside the little frosted window. No need for anything else here of course. She squirmed uneasily as the thought brought back images of why she was here and the examination to follow. Dr. Thomas’s face flashed quickly. He was so young.

She noticed that the boy was actually paying little attention to the blocks. His eyes seemed to scan the room from his seat on the floor. He looked in her direction. Their eyes never met. She tugged quickly at her skirt. He seemed so young.

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