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This poem is the recent work of poet, independent mystic and all-around seeker: Meslos D. Soreno, a person I have known forever but who I have just recently met. I hope to see more contributions from him in the future.


The Unknown Reality

By Meslos D. Soreno

Is this not a shared dream?
This place we call reality
In this struggle for lucidity
The chance to become who I want to be
All of this inner agony
It fuels my creativity
If I keep it inside of me
I’m sure I’ll lose my sanity.

Sometimes it doesn’t make any sense
Why we’re here, why are we here?
Is it all just meaningless?
A life without a purpose?
The answer I’ve found is to co-create
To create our selves before it’s too late
Cause passion burns deep inside
A passion that lives after I die

All of this inner energy
It’s reached a level of intensity
I look around me and what do I see?
Synchronicity after synchronicity
Is there some deeper meaning?
Or is it all just me?
The time will come and I’ll for sure
I will know what it’s all for

I walk this path that we call life
I’ll walk it without wondering why
I’ll take my chances and I’ll take ‘em proud
I’ll use my voice and I’ll use it loud
Cause the mystery that’s within this path
Is the mystery that I want to have
Cause to me this is what life’s about
Choosing the unknown as our route

March 8th, 2012

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