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Editor’s Note: This post first appeared November 24, 2010.

When you’re a kid everyone asks you what’s your favorite color. This is a silly question. There are too many colors to choose from. Like it is fighting over green yellow and black. Because I like all of them even other colors. I like black because it’s dark. If you press hard it looks dark and nice and pretty. I press my pencil hard to get that color. I like green because it’s so shiny and my tongue is green right now because I got a green lollipop. I like yellow because it’s so bright. I like violet because I can mix violet with dark blue and make dark violet or mix violet with light blue and make light violet. I don’t like pink because I’m a girl. I like it because when I think of red I think of a pinkish red and that reminds me of pink. I like red because you need it to make brown. When you look at paintings you see the colors you like. Vincent van gogh has a painting Starry Night and I see green yellow black and violet. Mommy sees green yellow and blue. Maybe because I don’t like blue as much as violet.