Them beans is done Harmon.

Mind your own beans.

They will stick to the pot. Is all.

You in my business is all.

By the way when you throw something in the yard? It becomes trash in the yard.

I don’t throw no trash in no yard. Not so far as you know.

Them burnt up pots and pans come down from heaven I reckon.

I reckon they did.

Them beans is done.

Shut up shut up shut up.

Thank you.

Now theys done.

I like to broke a ankle on one of them burnt pots you thrown in the yard.


You aint put pepper on them beans?

You care a awful lot about beans you aint gettin none of.

I seen you know who back there. Set fire to a TV and took pictures.


Poured gasoline on it and burnt it up. Seen him do it.

Wheres them pictures?

Where what?

Them pictures.

It was him took pictures Harmon.

What kind of TV? Was it a flat one? Was it plugged in?

Yeah it was plugged in out in the field. I would take that off the stove.

Times have changed when a man sets fire to a good TV.

Did I say it was good? Did I?

You said it was plugged in.

A TV out in the field. Think about it.

You said.

It is impossible.

He might have a extension cord. I sure would like to see them pictures.

Picture a TV set on fire. I seen the whole–

What brand was it?


The TV.

I dont – Maybe it was a RCA. Excuse me for not knowin.

A RCA is a good TV.

I said maybe it was a RCA.

You ought not to spy on folks.

I will spy on a man settin fire to a TV ever time.

Aint your TV.

It aint normal is what it aint.

Maybe it was for insurance.


Them pictures.

That makes no sense.

To prove to the insurance.

Prove what? What?

That it burnt up.

In a field.

Maybe it caught on fire in his house.

I told you I seen him pour gasoline on it Harmon.


From a five gallon can. Almost set his own self on fire too.

He did?

It was a big ol ball. Poomf. Like to catch him up.

I sure would like to see them pictures.

Well you aint. Not less you go knock on his door and ask.

Maybe Ill go back yonder and have a look.

Them beans is gettin cold.

I could see it with my scope.

Its a burnt TV. Is all.

You dont know.

I told you I seen it.

You dont know what you seen.

Take his side. How them beans?


Take his side against your own kin. Your own kin.

Ow dang.

Who is that? Come in look. Her right there.

Burnt my dang tongue.

Thinks she hung the moon. Hit it a lick Harmon. Turn it up.


John Hicks is thinking of a number between one and ten.

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