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Derek Bridges
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I’ve had many ideas about how to structure the documentary and this one sections the story thematically in six parts, one for each chess piece. I kind of intended the thematic possibilities to correspond with the way the chess pieces move. Pawn Family history. Empowered…

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Randall Hicks
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29 January 2017 For Gus Twenty-four years ago today, my Dad’s first cousin, Jerry Gustave Hasford, passed away on the Greek island of Aegina. If he were alive now, Gus would be seventy years old. I don’t know much about Aegina, and I never met…

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And if sometimes I can’t seem to talk You’ll know this blackboard lacks A piece of chalk — Stan Ridgeway in Don’t Box Me In “This is why I haven’t written. I can’t. Not without losing the thread, without going off kilter. I can’t talk…

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Bob Hate
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Lenny calls from the airport. “Brother, there’s no one left to hold my hand.” I hear what sounds like slot machines in the background. “Arcade,” Lenny says. “I can be in Tucson by morning,” he says. I flip a coin in my imaginary mind. “Better…

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John Hicks
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A hoax is contrived in order to deceive or mislead, an imposition carried out under fair pretenses. A hoax requires a level of skill and dedication that goes beyond casual fib, skillful exaggeration, calculated evasion, and bold lie. Most advertising is a hoax. The purpose…

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Jimmy Gabacho
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Photo credit: Paul Townsend Editor’s note: Go here to read parts I-III. By 1980 I had learned to cope with my PTSD and didn’t need the alcohol crutch anymore. I still had anger issues and did some pretty crazy things mostly because I didn’t fear death….