“Poor C, she isn’t made for this city.”

“Hmph, neither am I.”

“You two, you are of a place. My brother and me were raised to live anywhere. Houston reminds me of Kuwait City in so many ways.”

“Yeah? How so?”

“Both exist because they are of lands of opportunity, born of oil booms so large and irresistible. Each has a large international community that coexists in this ad hoc amalgamation of concrete, glass, steel and asphalt. Different in looks, culture, religion and cuisine, but roughly the same on the inside, unified in their pursuit of success. It’s why a lot of the place lacks color. But, go into their homes and it’s a different story. You will find a vibrancy inside that isn’t shared with the outside world. This amazing Thai food fit for a king and that we’re eating it in the ugliest strip mall in creation is a perfect example. This dichotomy is what happens when you don’t know or care if your neighbor will be there tomorrow or not.”

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