(The best humor is always painful.  So is the worst.)

As you know, the best cultures always honor their elders.  Perhaps that is even true of bacterial cultures, or things in that mold.  And we all know that the elder is the most beautiful of plants, and deserves respect.  That’s more than a grape or strawberry deserves, though they always deserve a toast.  No disservice meant to our young men and women in service who deserve to serve in the reserve. That poplar option should be preserved.  But, not like the elder elder.

This time of year reminds us that the older you get the colder you get.  Whether short or tall or fair in height, it is always sweater weather when elders are bent over and up-there in age.  So, out of respect, warm the old oven though you welter in the swelter of a hot house.  Yes, hot houses produce greater growth, but still, don’t be an end grate to the elders in your family tree even if you are aging them like the fine whines they often are.

Wince, as we sell a great Christ mess, lets laude a storied celebration of age though it is yet non-plussed as the new-year rears its head and mirrors our ancient elders.  They leave us too soon to birch about their frail foibles.

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