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This is totally out of character for me but I love this laundry detergent.

For most of my life, I’ve had various forms of rashes, mostly on my face, occasionally on my shoulders or arms. Once I started doing my own laundry and tried different detergents, I realized some made me break out more than others. [I went through the same trial-and-error with soaps. Oy. And don’t ask about shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, lotions—a sensitivity that preceded fibromyalgia] Then fragrance- and dye-free detergents came out and I was able to link some breakouts to fragrances and dyes. I read a lot of labels and assumed as long as I was in this modern world, my forehead would continue to be scattered in, if not covered in, little skin-toned bumps.

Then we got a sample of Myndee Corkern’s laundry detergent, that she created because she could not find one that didn’t aggravate her daughter’s eczema.

Oh. My. God. A subtle, clean smell in the clothes and sheets that leaves my forehead smooth. One little scoop [we have a front-loader/high-efficiency]. And the clothes are clean. I don’t have to add borax or OxiClean or some other shit to get stuff clean, it just works. Check out Myndee’s Etsy page. The scent names are NOLA style: Mardi Gras, Bananas Foster, Fleur de Lis. She has a Baby scent, too. AND she’s local!—Fresh GraNOLA: small, woman-owned and -created business, quality product with the sweetest packaging and lovely little red scoops.

Fresh GraNOLA’s All Natural Laundry Powder is made from high quality, hand crafted olive oil soap and other natural materials. It’s hard working, yet gentle enough for babies. It will leave your clothes smelling fresh and clean!

You know you want it now.

Tell her you read this post/heard about it from me. You can follow her on Facebook [] and/or Twitter [freshgranolamyn].

And you will LOVE this detergent. I promise.

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