From a cryptic PowerPoint slide recently created by my wife’s cat Pearl:



She also chimed in (arguably improved) on some dialogue I was attempting to write:

“I’m tellin’ you, man,” Ralph said,”They were in there humpin’ like a couplea apes!”

“Get thy66\]90509e fszxZA ,,,,,,ty;p= nbbsd\

909.90outa here,”

9¿¿ vc0oz

BNH \U’ U’

Pearl has a knack for activating the Windows Narrator function and then locking my keyboard, so that Steven Hawking’s voice announces every keystroke while I try to undo the damage.  Most of the time I believe that she’s just drawn to the heat given off by my laptop, but on bad nights I can’t supress the suspicion that she may be trying to communicate the kind of dark secrets that only felines can handle — a slippery slope of letters and symbols that threaten to pull the human mind toward madness and despair.

Still, I wish I knew how to make those upside down question marks.

(You can click here for a pointless video of Pearl savagely-defending her position on my laptop.)

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