This may or may not be news to anyone here, but it was news to me. At last night’s Chicago screening of his documentary film, “The Big Uneasy,” during the Q&A after the movie, Harry Shearer provided more detail regarding something he’s been tweeting about recently.

He said that reaction from the Obama administration to Army Corps of Engineers whistleblower Maria Garzino’s exposure of faulty levee pumps has been nonexistent – with one exception.

According to Shearer, the only word from the administration has come from former deputy press secretary Bill Burton, who said about Garzino, “What do we have to do to make her shut up and go away?”

On a lighter note, when Shearer was asked whether he feared repercussions similar to those suffered by the whistleblowers covered by the film, he said, “I thought about it. And I figured, what can they do, tell me I can’t be Mr. Burns anymore?”

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