I noticed today there’s a new blog out there with a name very similar to an esteemed local blog. Take a look:



At least the two blogs seem politically compatible. They’re both smarties, but The G Spot is clearly more wonkish, while The G Bitch Spot has a far more distinctive voice. G Spot is in Chicago, G Bitch is in New Orleans (and once lived in Chicago). G Spot likes 19th century novels, while G Bitch goes for 20th-21st century (she’s read those 19th century books too). G Spot has pet dogs, G Bitch has a daughter and cats. Both disappoint the many eyeballs who find them through dirty Google searches.

Although G Bitch may not have any friends at glossy websites linking to her and spiking her readership, my money is on her if there’s some sort of blogger death match between them.